I am migrating to wordpress from my former (now defunct) blog at  Full disclosure: I should have started here in first place, but a mistake is a lesson.

I’ll probably spend most of next month reposting improved drafts of my writings, and perhaps by then I’ll have a large enough stock of new content drafted to keep the pace going.

Of course, you, my imaginary readers, are probably more interested in what, exactly, this blog is.

The straightest answer I can give is that sexlesshydrogen is a amateur blog in the quasi-genealogical heritage of the lesswrong blogosphere, (occasionally the ‘ratsphere’), though I have little affiliation with the community outside of an appreciation of the writings of Scott and Eliezer.

In another phrase, I spend more time on unmoored philosophical omphalokepsis and amateur sociology than the practical theorizing that accounts for most things that fly under the header of ‘rationalism’.

If anything, I have more afinity with the’post-rationalist’ writings of authors such as Venkatesh Rao and Sarah Perry, but I digress.

This preamble shouldn’t inflate the apparent quality or significance of this blog; it’s quite likely destined to be sophomoric at best and cringe fodder at worst.

But perhaps something of worth might emerge.


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